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3 definitions by clemstar

Insertion of the thumb into the anus with the other hand raised above the head in an over-arching style such as an ape might perform when walking upright. The trousers and underwear should be at least at half-mast to allow the insertion of the opposing digit, or preferably you should be completely naked, to make it a classic Mogilla Gorilla. Use of the "oo-oo-oo" sound adds greatly to the effect.
The girls at the party were really prudish, so I dropped the Magilla Gorilla right through the middle of the lounge room. That livened things up!
by Clemstar October 06, 2007
Bigger than a finger, smaller than a fist! Ergo: to clasp ones fingertips in a pointed fashion, with the fingers fully extended thereby creating the shape of a birds beak. eg Emu/Ostrich
A finger was not enough for her, and a fist was too much, so instead I pleasured her with THE BEAK.
by clemstar October 25, 2008
Someone, who without effort, makes a right proper useless waste of space of himself. Not annoying, just a useless twot.
When he died it was a relief to us all... the useless twot.
by clemstar February 27, 2009