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n. A person of mixed Chinese and African ancestry. Also see Vietnamegro.
With a name like Da'Shawn Chang, he must be Chinegro.
by Cleatus March 09, 2003
n. A person of mixed Vietnamese and African descent.
With a name like LaKesha Nguyen, she must be Vietnamegro!
by Cleatus March 09, 2003
n. A person of mixed Japanese and African ancestry. See also Chinegro and Vietnamegro.
This place is overrun with Japanegros!
by Cleatus March 09, 2003
When you have ass crickets, you are jumpy or nervous. Also to say irrelevant things.
Were you saying something, or was it the ass crickets again?
by Cleatus March 09, 2003
The outer labia, or "lips", on a lady. Showing obvious signs of wear and tear.
To qualify the labia must be severly enlarged, and protuding grossly from the general "snatch" area.
She was so chewed on down below, she looked like she had two dog bitten slugs.
by Cleatus March 08, 2004
Your regular parts guys at the local chrysler dodge jeep plymouth eagle kawasaki studabaker dealership. They are the only guys who know everything, metaphoricly speaking, although they have the power to run the dealership. They can also give anybody a hot carl when they want to. so bow down and kiss their fucking feet if you want to, bitches.

Cause I'm Rick James, Bitch
Team Mopar gave A. Johnson, H.D., Sanna Anna a 1lj while Bob Morris and Shirley got it on with each other while wanda watched from the couch.
by cleatus November 17, 2004
n. An event that is both tragic and a travesty.
'Guillotining an innocent woman for stealing turnips is a real tragesty.'
by Cleatus March 09, 2003
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