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Correct spelling would be Yi-Ei-Man

The term is directly related to the terms Aye and Aye Aye

It was a phrase that the people of the north of the Britians, developed as a sort of war cry when Vikings were attacking their coastlines.

The Britians used to yell the words "Yi-Ei-Man" to the attacking Vikings, which mean literally "No, Always, Man"

The phrase was intending to imply that the Britains would never join the Vikings crews and would fight to the death down to the last man.

In modern times the words have completely lost all meaning and the phrase is just a sort of slang way of agreeing to something - ironically exactly the opposite of what it should be.

Fisherman "The Vikings are coming"

Clansmen "Y-Aye-Man"
by claymuir September 21, 2005
Form one (Ei, Ai, Aye - by itself):

Ei (eventually changed to Ai in middle English and Aye in modern English)

Used to confirm which group has a majority in a decision. It should never be the reply of an individual unless that person is representing a group. An example would be when a group votes yes or no. When the vote is counted if more votes are yes then the person representing the group would respond "Ei". In reference to the modern British use of the word, when the Vikings used to raid the coastlines they would take people prisoner to become conscripts, the crew would vote to kill the person or make them part of the crew. If they voted to make them part of the crew the reply to the captain would be a single "Ei"

It is important to note the word does not mean "Yes".

It simply means the majoirty or a group confirms or agrees.

This term when used correctly is directly related to Aye-Aye or Ei Ei. Also, see Y-Aye-Man
"Captain": Does the crew accept this man, as a brother in life?

"Crew representive": Aye (Ei)

by claymuir September 21, 2005
Slang An old person, especially an eccentric old man.

Different form of middle English word - guiser (gysar), masquerader. It means to dress in disguise

WORD HISTORY: The word goes back to a custom at Christmas where people would dress up and give presents to the poor. Normally it was old men who were well established who would dress up.
The geezer just walked right out in the road
by claymuir September 28, 2005
A football club from London (Chelsea) England. The actual name of the club is Chelsea Football Club (CFC) and the nickname is the "pensioners" or "The Blues"

As of 2005 Chelsea easily dominate almost every club in English football and Chelsea are in the top 10 clubs in the world.

The club despite its huge success also suffers from a great deal of negative press. This is a reflection of the pettiness that is commonly associated with the British people in general. It is of course a slight to the highly educated individuals from the island but a very common reality all the same. The first person who posted about Chelsea is proof of that.

The entire negative atmoshpere surrounding the club is born of jealsouy due to a rich Russia businessman buying the club and then spending a great deal of money on the club. The fact that such a positve thing could happen to an English business (CFC), along with all the benefits to the various English leagues, and the people of Britain and the British media could still react with such venom makes a very clear statement about those people not Chelsea football club.

All the same, the enthocentric behavior of the British people has caused several uncomfortable situations for the club. Much of this can be traced back to the fact that the media and the English FA are heavily invested in stocks in the historically powerful clubs in England. Normally, these investors would simply move their stocks over to the "new" powerhouse club but in this instance Chelsea is a privately owned club so the investors in positions of power have reacted by trying to set Chelsea up. Most of these attempts have failed and Chelsea have come out winners anyway.

This in part is due to the fact that core of players for Chelsea are British and were completely prepared for the juvenille reaction from the masses and also partially because the backroom staff were well aware of how the British people are so like sheep they will follow whatever the media states.

Example: The average British person believes that the United States has the highest instance of obesity despite the fact the BMA has publicly stated that Britian actually has the hightest rate of obesity and there has even been commericals released over the fact.

Result, the media makes something up to sell copy and the masses in Britain regurgitate it like parrots despite it being untrue.

Fact: the people of Britian are more obese than the people of the United States.
Chelsea beat Liverpool at Annfield,again - yet it never gets old watching the media darlings get stomped on.
by claymuir October 03, 2005
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