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Gamer Chicks are branded with stupid stereotypical images. Many people believe they must be obese/hideous girls that sit on their couch all day, or depressed gothic chicks that lock themselves up in their room listening to emo music and slitting their wrists.

Seriously, anyone can be a gamer. Video games are fun. Being a gamerchick, I have to deal with the annoying little jerks that have shyt to say about me playing. Most girls have to work harder to gain respect from male gamers. I think we have to prove ourselves more than they ever do.

There are a lot of ugly looking gamer chicks, but there's good looking ones as well. I can throw stereotypes at you

male gamers too. You're all virgins. How about that?

Gamer Chicks have claws. Watch yourself.
That gamer chick is so hott, how'd she kick my arse?
WOAH! I thought gamer chicks were supposed to be ugly, guess not!!

KittyHawsClawz proved the gamer chick stereotype WRONG!
by clawzyerface November 29, 2009
Moniek is a unique name given to very unique individuals. It is an honor to own such a beautiful name and it's even an honor to know a Moniek.

This name is given as a middle name for gorgeous woman -- ones with amazing personalities.
I wish I was a Moniek - I'm so jealous.
I feel like giving Moniek a bad definition, because my name is ugly.
by clawzyerface November 29, 2009

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