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When a female that has more than two men romantically or sexually interested in her.
Female #1: Girl, I don't know what is going lately.

Female #2: What's up? What do you mean?
Female #1: Have you noticed I am dating three guys at once again?
Female #2: I know it's total sausage fest for you...like a man buffet for you. Just use a condom and stay safe.
Female #1: Trust me..I will.
by classymalikat November 17, 2011
The study of being honest and real
Woman #1: Girl, that's look weird of you..change your shirt
Woman #2: That's mean...can't you say it nicer..
Woman#1: No I study bluntology very well
by classymalikat October 04, 2011
A gay or lesbian individual who secretly makes out with or has sex with someone of the opposite sex. This is individual will hide their true bisexual orientation in order to fit in with the Gay and Lesbian community.
Straight Guy: What happened between you and your female friend last night? I noticed you two were drunk and were very affective towards her.

Gay Guy: Please don't say anything...Well, I tasted her forbidden fruit last night and now I feel strange. I thought I was gay but now, I have no clue.
by classymalikat September 09, 2011

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