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1: term used to describe a person so mentally wily and clever that they have the ability to see through any scheme or ruse.

2: being able to think many steps ahead of an adversary


you-know-who asked to borrow my car to run to the grocery store.

i would advise against that


she's looking for someone who will lend her their car so she can drive to mexico. she's testing you to see if you are susceptible

omg! that makes so much sense! you saw right through her plot. you are so totally mastermindish! thank you!


by classic1979 April 24, 2009
synonym for wild police chase or evading the man


April 14: Police Chase

Occurs when motorists are afraid to pass a police car while driving on a highway due to a fear of being caught for speeding. Similar to a parade maker, the result is a traffic jam.

WOW had it wrong all these years, I thought it was when someone in a motor vehicle didn’t want to get caught so they do not stop and the police chase them.

Me too, but maybe that’s called fleeing. LOL!

I have never heard them say “ He led them on a wild police flee” but you can be correct!

by Classic1979 April 14, 2009

piece of shit

i paid $600 for this piece of shit that locks up, buttons sporadically work, and does whatever it wants to do--slowly. if i press txt, the internet comes up 12 seconds later

oh, you have an htc touch pro? sorry for ya suckajack!!

by classic1979 April 24, 2009
suddenly and silently disappearing without a trace and with no forewarning becoming completely unreachable by any communications device or service

7:14 pm:

hi sugar

hey lil mama, what's up?

ooh you tickle me with that!

that's what's up, lil mama

what are you doing tonight?




8 am the next day

yo, lil mama what's up?

lol, nothin if you keep batmanning out on me like that!!!
by classic1979 April 27, 2009

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