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a person who loves rock from the 60's and 70's. this person strongly believes that modern music is talentless compared to classic rock.(which is very true).
Prefers rock with deep,diverse guitar driven sound that makes use of scales and many chords rather than than just E string on distortion...or 3 note breakdowns, or repetitive power chords. Classic Rock has proven to be the most talented type of rock and has the musicians to prove it(jimmy page, eric clapton, hendrix,...).
This person will often reject or will have no opinion of any other music that lacks the distinct,aweosme sound that is classic rock.

bands this type of person listens to include:

Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The Doors
Jimmy Hendrix
Deep Purple
The Beatles
The Who
The Grateful Dead
The Rolling Stones

person: "hey did u go to the ska show last night"?

classic rock kid: "....are u serious"?

person: "wat u dont like ska"?

classic rock kid: "...." *walks away*
by classic rock kid February 22, 2009
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