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pronounced.. wimmz
means 'what your mother said'

a jokey comment used after someone has said something which would be funny if someones mother had said it.
originated in cheney.
im so fucking worked out- WYMS!

thats quite big y'know - WYMS!

that was nang!- WYMS!
by clara468 April 05, 2008
when using the toilet to pass water the piss doesn't completely stop running and it dribbles down your leg or to you bum.
annna: ah i can feel wet in my trackiesthink i piss dribbled a bit.
paddy: o how anoying, do you want some spare panties to change into?
by clara468 April 05, 2008
the postal code for a large area in the university city of Oxford. residents will often get into jokey arguments about which post code they should rep
dominic: OX3 is shabby man
edd: nah OX3 is nang
dominic: it's all about OX4 blud
edd: laow OX4!
by clara468 April 05, 2008
a person who is a waste of space. someone who messes with peoples minds and chopps them up. this type of person thinks they are the bees knees
girl1: that boys a choppacana, he's a twat!
boy: i know, fucking hate him man he fucks people about!
by clara468 April 05, 2008
the female equivalent of a sausage fest
where the number of females greatly exceedes the number of males

also referred to as raisin fest
situation- three guys enter a room of six or more girls

guys: shit this is a bit of a peanut fest!
by clara468 April 05, 2008
(formula one's)a type of the drug ecstasy
quite hard to find
effects are amazing, more speedy happy feelings than others. opion can be that there better than other types eg. spirals, doves, merc's, love hearts etc...
p1: you getting some gurners tonight man?
p2: yea got these sick f1's, there fucking trippy!
by clara468 April 05, 2008
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