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21 definitions by clamum

What you get when you go to jail for stealing and reselling Miatas.
Not again Bubba, I can't take much more of your bulk beef.
by clamum August 07, 2007
63 21
The last name of a character from SpikeTV's Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.
Next up, Foos Bobaganoosh, he's a dairy worker who loves milking the nipples
by clamum March 08, 2004
71 29
Marked For Later. Used on Internet forums to mark a topic of interest to the user that he/she may not be able to view at the current moment (i.e., the user is at work and the topic contains a link that isn't safe for work).

By marking the topic with a post, the user can go back later and, usually by using a "My Latest Posts" feature, view the content.
Topic: Nekkid JAlba Pics

Poster 1: *fap* *fap* *fap*
Poster 2: At work... mfl
by clamum September 10, 2007
52 16
To inject something. Usually used in the context of drugs.
My friend booted a bunch of heroin last night.
by clamum May 23, 2004
160 126
To punch someone's erection in so it goes into their body.
John was talking a ton of shit and just being generally annoying so I gave the son-of-a-bitch an insurrection.
by clamum March 28, 2005
45 18
Barbarians, a character from the computer game Diablo II.

The word "baba" is used by non-english speaking motherfuckers to mean Barbarian.
I have a level 25 baba.

by clamum March 08, 2004
38 13
See mongoloid.
That kid is a fuckin goid
by clamum April 06, 2004
49 26