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A fataract is an opacity that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or in its envelope. It is caused when an individual is so fat that lard begins to cover the lens of the eye. Similar to the age caused cataract, the vision in the affected eye becomes blurry and can reach blindness. Most often caused by late night food runs when drunk or high. Usually leads to fucking ugly fat chicks or undesireable slam pigs.
Curinga nailed another fat chick last night after he ate Hardee's. That dude must have some serious fataracts.
by clamblaster November 18, 2007
Refers to a small penis that is similar in size and shape to the popular american snack food.
Heather was happy when she saw the size of my cock because she said her boyfriend had a combo dick.
by clamblaster November 18, 2007

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