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A word used to describe someone in a bad way. If they are being annoying or dumb, you call them a ninkenpoop.
Girl: Wanna chill this weekend?
Boy: I can't. I'm busy.
Girl: You're such a ninkenpoop.
by claire o'smiley December 26, 2006
When someone acts like they're all that, usually kicking back and not participating in anything that's going on.
Yeah, he thought he was too cool for the room, but he really wasn't.
by claire o'smiley December 24, 2006
that little motorola phone that you use your thumb to push down on the top part of it to make it open. it has a spring reaction. it's difficult to work at first, but when you figure it out, its a very handy trick.
I have a PEBL phone.
by claire o'smiley December 26, 2006

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