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Stalker; Birchy.
one who hides in toasters, bushes, ur garden, random objects and likes to cut ur hair whilst u sleep and make a belt. he has a monobrow and pats it whilst saying his name over and over again in the bushes while he breathes heavily when he sees you, but u dont see him. also seen wearing an indian head dress or as a cat. he wants u to be his bride. if u happen to see him, he will reply with "oh shit they saw me"
birchy-"hehhhh... birchy, be my bride, all for the birchmeister, ur hair will make a great belt"
girl-"omg birchy! get out of my toaster! and omg wheres my hair gone and why am i wearing a wedding dress made from leaves and mono hair?"
by cky666 August 05, 2005

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