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3 definitions by cjm

Set in purpose or seriously resolved
My final decision is resolute
by cjm March 02, 2012
4 5
a 1337 red robot who trolls the RN forums. just got a letter for his service on his shcools football team.
the Casualty says: Eat Bleach And Die!
by CJM February 06, 2003
0 1
ThE sWeEtEsT hOtTeSt MoSt GrEaTeSt AwEsOmEsT BeSt InCrEdIbLy GrEaT gUy!!!!!
I LiKe KiRk BrOwN aLoT AnD i WiSh hE wAsNt mOvInG =(
by CJM July 24, 2004
6 11