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Not just a city for drinkers and sports fans (although it is an upside for some).
Home of: One of the most amazing modern art galleries, the Albright Knox (as well as the newly built Burchfield which features local artists) the Elmwood village which was voted one of the top ten greatest american neighborhoods in 2007; the beautiful Darwin Martin House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (as well as a few other of his less familiar designs); untouched architecture all over the city; amazing food--not just chicken wings either, vegans, vegetarians and bloody meat eaters alike can join together at many of the friendly restaurants here (ie amys place, merge buffalo, the lexington coop, left bank, hutches, globe market etc etc); A bike friendly community where weekly summer bike outings occur; outdoor Shakespeare in delaware park (along with row boats and books from talking leaves); insanely cheap rent in beautiful HUGE apartments/homes; one of the biggest outdoor art festivals, the allen town art festival; a next to nothing cost of living (and living well); people who can mock themselves, but have pride in where they're from.

Honestly everyone has their own qualms about where they live and buffalo isn't shy of it, but its a beautiful place.
Plus bars close at 4 and even the ugliest of people can get laid (ie: the pink)

Buffalo summers are unbeatable.
by cityofgoodneighbors March 20, 2009
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