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1. poser goth.who immediatly labels themselves goth without a clue what it is.
2. the religion which tecnically is demonicai, it was called the second goth.
3. the germeric tribe.
4. the style. e.g clothes, music e.t.c
5.the fuckin label that people use on me. i let them think what they want.
6.the personality. e.g natural goths e.t.c
7. a term preps use to describe anyone who is differant to them.
8. if u can thing of any more, add a definition.
prep- u fucking goth
me- what?
prep- r u a fucking goth or a fucking emo?
me- what the hell r u on about.
prep- yeah, u fucking goths know all about hell dont u?
me- f off.
by city girl thorn January 12, 2008

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