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2 definitions by citizen of rye

Home of the Jews. Needless to say, if you venture out into this wealthy NYC suburb during a Jewish holiday such as Yom Kippur, alas! No stores are open. Anywhere.

So don't even try.

But the high school is bangin' yo. They got them TVs in the hallways.
"Yo, I took the SATs at Scarsdale high the other day, and man, it was madd filled with asians and jews!"

"Ew, that girl is such a JAP. She must be from Scarsdale."
by citizen of rye March 21, 2005
A wholesome town located on the LI Sound conveniently between Greenwich and Harrison, Rye's population consists of "Rye Moms", whom drive ridiculously big SUVs and are always at the club (mind you, there are probably 7 to choose from) playing tennis, Wall Street fathers whom take the 5:46 am train to the city every morning and don't get home till the kids are asleep, and is simply crawling with trouble-making tweens and teenagers crowded into Starbucks whom all have popped collars, beach houses in nantucket or the hamptons, and go to huge keggers every weekend.
Little girl: "I wanna be a Rye-mom when I grow up!"
Other Little girl: "Wow, you're fucked."
by citizen of rye March 21, 2005