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A condition suffered by men who have not been circumcised but badly wish they were. Firstly they have to wash their penises longer in the shower, secondly there's a far greater chance of a zipper mishap and thirdly (most importantly) because circumcised men get laid far more often ....... women love the circumcised head and just find it impossible to say no when there's 10% off !!
Luis felt a sudden pang of circumenvy as he watched the girls wait in line to bag a piece of Josh's circumdick and cursed his parents for not slicing off his gross foreskin.
by cirkedboi May 29, 2012
A condition suffered by (typically uncircumcised) men who are embarrassed about not ejaculating as much semen as other guys.
Luis felt a pang of ejaculation envy as he saw Josh's semen pour out of April's pussy after his massive sperm dump and dreaded the sloppy seconds with his foreskin full of Josh's semen.
by cirkedboi May 29, 2012
The cord on the underside of a uncircumcised virgin guy's penis head. Destroyed in a haze of ectasy and pain the first time he has sex or during circumcision.
Luis moaned with pleasure as he lost his frenulum during his first ejaculation. Jake would never know the pleasure, having had his frenulum destroyed by circumcision.
by cirkedboi May 29, 2012
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