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a really crappy car
a car that on its last leg
a car that is embarressing to drive
a car that if you hit something in , it doesnt really matter
Man, my Maxima has a flat tire. Looks like im gonna have to take the fuckit bucket to the store to get smokes.

Bro, can i barrow the fuckit bucket for a few days? My car is in the shop
by Cipriano1980 March 05, 2009
person in a wheel chair who runs into things all the time
person who always gets in fender benders while driving
Yo, did you see that car man, full of dents. That dudes a fuckin clonker tonker

man, my friend in the wheel chair is always runnin into my door jams and furniture when he comes over. Im gonna start calling him clonker tonker
by cipriano1980 March 05, 2009

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