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slang: the closing in which Chris A. says goodbye via email. May or may not be closely related to late, lates, laters, lata, laterz, or latahz. Originally thought to be a miskey or typo. Origins undefined.
I got yo back covered!!

by Cinny August 26, 2003
Nobody can confrontate coz confrontate isn't a word.
Leang makes up words like confrontate.
by cinny January 16, 2004
1. When something is broken beyond belief

2. The state of being broke
My dog keeps playing with that broke ass tennis ball.

You broke ass motherfucka.

Look as his broke ass cruisin around town in his broke ass Ford.
by Cinny August 20, 2003
To roll a joint or blunt
Cinny is rollin' up a blunt for us right now!
by Cinny August 20, 2003
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