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1 definition by cinemasaver

An arrogant retarded male who's brain is the size of a sour grape. They laugh at their own jokes, go to tanning booths, and get asian symboled tatoos on the upper bicep that they dont even know the meaning of. They travel in packs and degrade any other human being that isn't into sports or tags along in they're fake social image. Attractive women flock to they're presence because of they're facade wealthy image they get from mooching off they're parents. But as time goes by, these are the guys who end up washing cars and picking up road kill on Route 66. A useless and horrible excuse of a human being. Souless and Narrow Minded bastards. Borderline mentally challenged.
"Wow that girl is beautiful"
"Dont even try man."
"Cause you dont treat women like shit while walking around in your never washed football jersey."
"Oh you mean im not a jock?"
"Ah ok."
by cinemasaver May 04, 2009