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A supposed enviornmental activist who it typical liberal hypocracy tells everyone else to ride their bike to cut down on pollution or to switch energy saving lightbulbs all the while they fly around in private jets and have houses with huge electric bills.
Al Gore proved himself to be a Lear Jet Liberal after his movie "An Inconvienent Truth" when it was discovered that he owns a private jet and his mansion in Tennessee uses as much energy in August alone as most other people do all year.
by cincyninja October 23, 2007
A term coined by conservative talkshow host Rush Limbaugh to describe the way that liberal voters are constantly promised numerous things by elected Democrats despite their history of using them for votes(this is especially true of ethnic minorities) yet making their lives more miserable in much the same way that a battered wife is promised compassion from her abusive husband only to have him hit her again, yet she keeps coming back to him since she feels there is nowhere else to turn.
The Battered Liberal still thinks that Hillary Clinton will fix the country despite failing at Hillary Care when her husband was in office, supporting communist nations like China, and her endless collection of pants suits
by cincyninja October 23, 2007

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