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3 definitions by cinco

Running in a zig zag pattern to avoid being tackled, popularized by Tecmo Super Bowl. Successfully used in all levels of football. REAL football.
Did you see that return by Deion? He ran some serious Tecmo Jukes on that D.
by cinco November 13, 2004
12 2
1. Noun. a white trash asshole uncle that shits in a bag.
2. Adj. a white trash asshole.
1. You aren't inviting Will-Bag to our reunion are you?
2. Dude, stop being a fucking Will-Bag
by cinco November 13, 2004
6 6
a man who is an example of everything positive and good that a woman wants in her relationship with a man.
When I first met him, I had no idea that he was a boboso. Now I am really glad we have met.
by Cinco February 23, 2005
5 74