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4 definitions by cina

^ha this little shits wrong the nightbringer can ignore Invulerable saves, as well as other things i cant think of right now...wait just thought of one, death or glory.
dude: man my 2+ Invulerable save ownz
dude2: Ha my c'tan will rape you and may land raider will crush you!
by CINA November 17, 2004
4 3
tim morrison is a bloody champ.
he is the bestest and sexy as.
oh morrison is the bomb!
by cina October 07, 2004
13 14
stavanja is the coolest!
he is funny and sexy.
do u no stavanja?? yeh everyone no's stavanja
by cina October 05, 2004
2 4
Cina by far one of the world's strongest people accompanied by great looks, chizzled biceps, and suculant pecs
hey look there's clinton portis, wow now he's a cina
by cina April 21, 2005
27 61