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raymond- is the most loving guy on earth, just seeing his smile makes me smile. he's the most loving, kind, caring, amazing boyfriend you'll ever meet. he makes you happy when you're sad. he makes you love him more and more each day you're with him. he'll bring the sun to your shine and the apple to you tree and the love to your heart. no other guy could could replace him in my heart. he's all a girl could ever need in her life! just knowing he's always gonna be yours forever, makes you believe in the love yall share.
i love that raymond!
by cilla babyy January 13, 2010
priscilla- is a beautiful loving person you'll ever meet. she is a brown eyed girl that could just steal you heart when she looks at you. she is a stronge girl so you woukdn,t wanna get on he bad side. she,ll do any thing for her friends and i mean any thing. she found the love of her life 4 months ago and they've been together even sence. so that means if you get her she'll be with you for a long time. if you care for her, like her mostly for her and not her body, don't treat her like she means nothing, and loves her to death then shes all yours!
i love that girl named priscilla!
by cilla babyy January 13, 2010

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