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i found this in my environmental science book. you can use it as another name for sperm. it is so funny.
ok, now its time for you to consume this nutritious load. it will help you grow.
by cia_mrx March 14, 2007
another name for sperm. someone i know invented it when we were taking an electricity class in school. i dont know why. its just funny.
omg i got mansolder all over my face.
by cia_mrx March 14, 2007
another name for sperm, it uses the word "duts" which means dick and nuts (a song by the ying yang twins).
tell your girlfriend to lick that dutsauce off her face.
by cia_mrx March 14, 2007
A jewish mexican. A connection of the word heeb and beaner.
HAHAHA! Look at that fucking heebeaner.
by cia_mrx December 06, 2006
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