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a clueless ex-president who deserves a little more credit than he's given. no, im kidding.
"Oh my God Bush is the worst president the U.S will ever see"

"I dont know i dont think he was that bad. Actually, I think he did us good"

"Are you serious?!?"

"Hell to the No"
#bush #obama #cock suckers #over estimated #ex-president
by chyeezy freese (; January 21, 2009
the first black president of the united states who, by the way, is very overrated.
"oh my gawd, its Obama ! he's gunna fix all our problems just like we thought bush would 4 years ago!"

"Yuhp, this one's gunna be a shocker"
#bush #president #dickhead #overrated #you'll see
by chyeezy freese (; January 21, 2009
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