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1 definition by chyea!

A multiplayer strategy that is popular in real time strategies (aka Starcraft, Warcraft, Age of Empires, Empire Earth, etc). It is when a player makes a half-assed army ASAP to catch their oppenent off guard and ensuring a victory. Instead one should take the time to upgrade your army and building a defense first. Personally, I think it is a very nooby way to play (many will object) because almost no skill is envolved. Also, what is the point in buying a multiplayer RTS when you will finish the game in 5 minutes.
Noob- "Dude, I just finished playing Starcraft online."
Experienced Player (EP)- "How did it go?"
Noob- "Well, all I did was make 12 Zerglins and pwned the other guy as soon as I could."
EP- "So in other words, you were rushing?"
Noob- "Well...yeah."
EP- "Wanna take me on?"
Noob- "Sure!"
(EP continues to school the noob by actually taking TIME to play)
by chyea! July 10, 2006