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your boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, your lover, your sweetheart, your best friend
Oh Muffy... I love you sooooo much !
by chutzpah girl March 17, 2009
the love of your life, your sweetheart, your lover, your best friend, your significant other, the person who means the world to you
RJ, you are my muffin-of-love !
by chutzpah girl March 17, 2009
Bad or naughty
You chewed my underwear...you are a meeto dog!
by chutzpah girl March 16, 2009
a childish way of bragging about being right, ahhh-haaa...I'm right & you're wrong! got'cha !
I am right and you are wrong so nonnie nonnie nonnie
by chutzpah girl March 17, 2009

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