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a female that looks tempting from afar but is 'a horse-frightener' when viewed up close. see 'trick dog'. Related to 'lager beauty'
When I saw her through the pub window buying chips i had to go and chat her up but she turned out to be a stealth moose
by churdler April 04, 2003
1. having a meeting with 'madam palm and her five friendly sisters' in the bath
2. A liquid 'wank'
3. drowning the bald mans babies
Excuse me vicar, have i got anything on my face? I was making Jellyfish in the bath this morning.
by churdler April 04, 2003
a particularly baggy "pork casing"
I was giving her 'one'last night but i might as well having been watching parkinson cos she was as baggy as a wizards sleeve, mum.
by churdler April 04, 2003
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