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the act of being dardy while attending sunday mass
victoria: you attening mass dardy tonight?
kenny: nahh its past 6:30 for my curfew
by churchlands SHS May 11, 2011
someone who carries a bulk package of dardyness around their waist to attract the opposite sex during mating season. By pulling them into their gravitational pull
kenny: Hey man, got your bulk dardy package yet?

victoria: yeh bro the whole set
kenny: That's mint, coz mating seasons like tomorrow ayye bro
victoria: ohh fuk bro almost forgot ayeee
Kenny: Thats awkard, coz im bi
victoria: double wammy.
Kenny: lol
victoria: k bye.
by churchlands SHS May 11, 2011
it is the scientific meaning of an intellectually capable human being which is so fresh to death it makes them extra dardy.
victoria: shit boi! you so dardy freshh !

Kenny: i no cuzz i get it from ma mumma,, but you so extra dardy fresh pretty lady

chloe: this is so seeedy.

victoria can kenny: girl you just jealous
by churchlands SHS May 11, 2011
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