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Two fucktards that think that talking about killing people make them the best thing that has happened to the world. while every regular person that actually uses there brain could easily see that they and there fans buy generic soda because they want to act poor so they can say they are gangster. sadly these juggalos will always be the hugest pricks that you will ever find, and then when you tell them to shower because smelling like elephant shit covered in some hobo's vomit that would kill a fly from a mile away they say "no way man it's only been like 4 months what will another 4 months hurt". ICP is one of those things you look at and you say wow if i ever do that you can beat me with a rock until i stop breathing because at that point my life would be equal to a blade of grass. please for the sake of your ears not bleeding to the point of near death DO NOT listen to insane clown posse. once you do it is like getting raped by five black people in a dark ally not waring a rubber and filling your ass with cum, the worst experience ever.
insane clown posse fan "hey i just got done fucking every pig in my neighbor's farm wanta hang out?"

normal person"how about shut the fuck you nasty ass fag clown, there is not a single word in this world to describe how much the world hates everything that you represent like fucking animals and dead people and smelling like ass"

insane clown posse fan"Fuck you hater i'm going to buy a some generic root beer so i can take a bath,"
by chunky white June 09, 2011
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