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the new name for what used to be known as STDs. stands for Sexual Transmitted Infection. was changed into STI so people could feel great about themselves, over the fact they have a nasty disease that they got, most likely from being a slut. how it makes people infected with STI feel good is that it says to them, you don't have a disease, you're just infected, it's not your fault. personally, i think disease sounds alot better than an infection. most common age group to receive STI/STD is teenagers, I know, as amazing as that sounds. To receive STI from someone online would look something like this.
Micheal is such a loser, he's infected with 5 different STIs! Hep C, Hep B, HIV, and many more! i got my friend to screw him with 10 STIs. Serves him right for stealing my Runescape account.
by chuga_chuga_choo_choo! January 22, 2009
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