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N00b 455 troll who frequently posts pointless one liners that reek with "attentionwhorism".
"I'm glad people ignore that dirty sonbich Favlaud. I mean what kind of a name is that anyway?"
by Chuckles December 02, 2003
a turd burgaler is a faggoty person who feels the urge and an unquentiable desire to steal turds
damnnit u turd burgalers!!!stay away away from my porta potty godamn u all!!
by chuckles September 06, 2004
The place where the Jews own well 80 percent of the place. You know football is not a big sport but soccer is. the school that has leaks in the roof and such. Club WaWa off Springdale....The JCC...Honestly what other towns have a JCC? I mean a school pinned between synagoges{sp}. What else is there to say other then lets wreck out BMW and then just buy a new one.. Thanks Daddy....JAP orginated here.....We have the second highest Jewish population outside of Jersulem. GOod ol Cherry Hill.. EAST SIDE! Oh yea no Hills no Cherries? no clue
No cherry trees and such well
by chuckles March 02, 2005
Another word for "man boobs"
Man look at that fat guy! Hes got some huge murbs!
by Chuckles November 24, 2004
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