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4 definitions by chucka nubba

a nipple with an abnormally large nipple radius.
Victoria's pepperoni tittis are pretty gross, the nipple is bigger than the actual tit.
by chucka nubba May 31, 2007
an orgy of homosexuals who "stack" their crap in a sequence of anal sex.
Chaz was constipated for four days after tuesday night's crapper stacker.
by chucka nubba May 31, 2007
a woman or man who drinks so much cum, that she/he dies of stomach poisening.
At jessica alba's house, my friend was such a thirsty river that she never woke up after she passed out from drinking too much JD.
by chucka nubba May 31, 2007
Someone who thinks they are really good in bed, but in actuality, can't find their penis in the pube sack, then borrows someone else's deline.

My friend Rob is such a cortright, he can't find his cock.
by chucka nubba May 31, 2007