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(n.)the one human female which holds certain super-human abilities such as: mind control, mood swings, playing tired, breaking the bank, and unlimited talking;
"Uh oh, my girlfriend's calling me."

"Do you mind if my girlfriend comes?"

"My girlfriend says that if I don't know, then she's not telling me. What's that suppose to mean?!?"
by Chubbs April 30, 2004
When you take a big crap and you terd lands in such a way that the dirty toilet water splashes back up at your ass getting you all wet. Usually refered to when your launching Ass Rockets.
Skaz:Im gona go launch some Ass Rockets
Chubbs:Alright, have fun, and watch out for the splashback!
by Chubbs March 14, 2004
(n.)small aquatic bird that I want as a pet to swim through my foyer once I own a gigantic manshion;
"Don't mind the penguin. He's just for show."
by Chubbs April 30, 2004
When u stick your own dick into your nostril area.
Mom Can u help me pull my Jollytrot out my nose!
by Chubbs May 15, 2003
Name used in Afganistan to describe someone who wants there anus full of dick juice!
Philma Whole is asking me for sexual favors!
by Chubbs May 15, 2003
Its the same thing like saying Nigga except you make a slang word from another slang word.
"Whats good my nigga?" "whats good my Nizzle?"
by Chubbs June 02, 2004
Tall camp scrawny strange thing, often teesed by friends!
OMG Brydget gags for Barbara!
by Chubbs February 06, 2005

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