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8 definitions by chuNk

adj.-So insanely crazy it surpasses the normal rediculous levels.
1. That girl's ass is so big it's recockulous!
2. It's recockulous how many marmalade sammiches Paddington Bear can eat.
by chuNk July 18, 2003
135 45
a pornographic film involving groups of women making films they then meet and the best film is given an award with vibration, then they all get too happy and get a bit over exited and it turns into one big party
try to explain lesbian spank inferno to your girlfriend when she finds it
by chunk June 14, 2006
99 33
adj.-describing ones sexyness and excellence at the same time.
1. The blow job I got from your sister was sexellent.
by chuNk July 18, 2003
83 27
A family of transsexual lovers.
Those Tataras are all alike, checking out the shims!!!
by Chunk July 14, 2003
0 8
Former wet dream of the Polish Prince
Krystian sure does miss Marta's hot thongs since she moved back to Poland. (See Natalie)
by Chunk July 11, 2003
43 57
meaning one who masterbiates too often; a constant masterbiation; (v.)one who likes to beat the mean
John likes to gill when he is alone.
by Chunk March 22, 2005
28 58
incestuous emperor who was implicated in the burning of rome ( said to have played a fiddle in the inferno ) and later shifted the blame from the christians to the jews. he was eventually assasinated by the leader of the preatorian gaurd (secret service) after having his mother killed after a lovers qaurrel
burning colosseum in the background of the nero cd burning program
by chunk March 04, 2005
16 49