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Variation of peel out. This version can be used in many different fashions.

Verb: peeling-out
Noun: peelout-mobile
Adjective: peelout
Exclamation: Peelout!
Interjection: Peelout,
1. That guy was peeling-out on the trim press.
2. The V-dub is a peelout-mobile!
3. That is one peelout automobile.
4. Peelout! That guy just did a donut on cobblestone!
5. Peelout, what should we eat?

Or, in combination:
Peelout! That peelout-mobile is peeling-out on that peelout road!
by chryso April 07, 2004
Too true
Hey mate the weathers freezing.

by Chryso December 17, 2013
Phrase applied to using a radar cheat to find enemy players in realm versus realm fighting in the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot.
if you can't handle big boy rvr stick to the BG's
by chryso March 14, 2005
A male who plays female characters in a MMORPG and alludes to being female in real life.
"Dude, you were cybering the mangina!"
by chryso June 06, 2005

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