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dump, to go have a crap
when in the workplace or home, the expresion for this is "i am going for a dump" on your return, your family or work colleges will ask "how was it?" to which the reply is "perfik".
by christu October 08, 2006
cockney rhyming slang, front wheel skid, yid, jew.
look at that front wheel skid just fell under that bus.
by christu September 26, 2006
rub-a-dub-tub, cockney rhyming slang for pub public house
i am off down to the rubadub for a pint.
by christu September 28, 2006
a dangle burry is a dry piece of shit that hangs on the end of the hairs around your bum hole.
when pulled off, it usally takes the hair with it
dammed dangle burrys
by christu October 01, 2006
cockney rhyming slang, egg-an, egg-an spoon, coon, black person
look at that eggan, just fell down the apples and pears.
by christu September 26, 2006
yank your plank is a british term for wanking
yank your plank, where is the office boy, he is in the toilet yanking his plank
by christu October 01, 2006
harry heard, pronounced ARRY EARD. cockney rhyming slang for turd.
look at that huge harry heard thet some cat/dog/paki has left on the pavement.
by christu September 27, 2006

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