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Reminiscent of the sexual vibe present in the original 1977 KISS song, a woman so hot beyond a “10”, is referred to as a “christine sixteen”
Dude, check out that girl! I’m going to go and get her number.

Bro, you are way out of your league she’s a christine sixteen.
by christine sixteen August 16, 2009
An indirect sexual reference or implication that violates the boundaries commonly viewed as appropriate inuendo or discourse.
Dude, that bitch boss of yours made some wack sinuendos at the holiday party!
by christine sixteen August 19, 2009
When a person leaves a social situation to urinate only to find s/he missed a critical part of the conversation or story.
“Hey man, where’d you go? Noah just told us what his wack boss did yesterday!”
Dang, that was one costly piss-n-miss.”
by christine sixteen August 25, 2009
When a woman, aroused but not committed to having sex with a stranger, insists on his saying her name first before agreeing to proceed.
So did you end up hooking up with that guy?
No way, douchebag could only come up with his own name when I namebegged him!
by christine sixteen August 17, 2009
Food crawl (n). a multi-stop investigation of the best restaurants, meals, or specific item on the menu. Food crawls may last a few or much longer depending on the type of crawl.
“Bro, let’s do a taco food crawl next week and find the best carnitas in town.”
by christine sixteen November 23, 2009
Enlarged stomach following excessive eating during Thanksgiving dinner
Christine: Hey Tai, why are you loosening your belt?

Tai: Yo, my turkey bloat is rolling over my pants. I gotta get some relief!
by christine sixteen November 21, 2010

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