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What you get when you are being chased,stung, or otherwise traumatized by bees or wasps. See dambeesia.
1:*chased by bees* Ahhh!AAAHH!
2: Poor guy. He'll have damnbeesia for the rest of his life.
by christina ♫ May 21, 2008
Adj. (dam-BEE-sia) What you get when you go outside and get chased,stung, or scared by a large number of bees or wasps. Can also be spelled damnbeesia.
1: Aaaaahhh!!

2: What the heck man? What's wrong?

1: All these bees were stinging me!! I have really bad dambeesia now =

2: Haha. Sucker.
by christina ♫ May 21, 2008

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