41 definitions by chrissy

the green paper mache monkey sitting in chrissy's closet. he carries the dreaded banana of complete and utter DOOM, in which he likes to stab people with when they are asleep. "DIEDIEDIE"

p.s. HE'S BLIND!!!
..seven days.. is doomsday.. the homocidal monkey is going to.. EAT YOU. k bye.
by chrissy March 15, 2005
Smash is a special lady who will make you cry, laugh and hit her in less then an hour. She comes from a troubles background in Moco md, but she does not let the man keep her down she is a member of the p crew and will blow your mind and your wallet. Watch out for this little animal
Smash shows no mercy
by Chrissy November 14, 2004
a)420 is weeeeed.
b)4:20 is the best time of day (am or pm) to get high.
c)april 20th (4/20) is the holy day for all potheads. smoke till you dont even know where you are.
a)I got some 420 in my pocket.
b)It's time for 4:20
c)On 4/20 we gonna smoke like its the end of the world.
by chrissy April 12, 2003
WEll, basically a total loser who cant even speak the english language! He starts wars no one wants, alienates the U.S. from the rest of the country, Gives tax cuts to rich people, and Exspects us all to like him! aka Slick Willy, Dubyah, Georgie DUbbs, and Bushie Boy.
Good Job, Slick Willy!
by Chrissy November 04, 2004
someone thats scared of homos.
I'm a homophobe. Gay eople scare me shitless.
by chrissy April 12, 2003
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