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Any confusion that occurs when trying to read someone's tweet on twitter. It could be from not understanding their shorthand or not knowing who said what in complicated retweets and replies. Twifusion can also happen when not understanding slang in a tweet or from typos. Etc..
I have twifusion trying to figure out who's talking to who in this tweet: @RChris Im down RT @CJohn @BJane @DJack who's goin to the bar? RT @GDave come on dude! @BJane dont be lame << cool

I also have twifusion trying to figure out what's being said here: @RChris who tryna GW TN. its BSL since i raged! LMK if u dwn. JGRBMBS AN!
Translation: @RChris Who wants to get drunk tonight? It's been so long since I partied! Let me know if you'd like to join me. I plan on drinking Jagermeister all night.

*All tweets and twitter accounts have been made up. There may be people with these twitter accounts but these are not their tweets.
by chrisfrommaryland October 15, 2010

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