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Used to put over an ugly girls head.
Good for having sex because you dont have to see her face.
Usually works for girls with a dirty face and a nice body.
Rar blad, That girl is mong, Would you do her for a fiver?
Na man, Only if you give me a Plastic bag.
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
When your girl cant get pregnant cos your sperm are too lazy to get to the egg and just call it a night and die.
If you are one of these men, unlucky.
Im about about to break down. I have lazy sperm, they get tired and die. I can never get my girl preggers.
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
A secret place not known by many people, only dealers and safe people, where crack is sold and bought.
Dealer: Theres a crack shack on 12 Elm Street, Bring yoself up there in an hour
Old Man: Yea ok homie see you at diz crack shack
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
To ask a question lazily or Pretend your listening, or just confirm what they are saying
E.g Someone says: I am gona take him out
You say: Izit?
by Chrisdamainman August 04, 2005
Little Party Sausage
Or Lil Party Sausage
Meaning the Male Sexual Glands or Penis.
When someone has a small penis.
You got a lil party sausage man!
by Chrisdamainman August 04, 2005
When a man gets a blow job (oral) from some girl with a brace on and the metal rips through his man hood.
Quite a nasty thing.
This girl gave me a blow job last night, but she gave me a fucking hench red belend cos she's got a brace on.
It kills man. Dont ever take a blow job from a girl with a brace.
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
A melted kit kat
A chick who gets into bed with you and soils herself because she nervous
I got in bed with some shit kat fat bitch the other day, it was nasty homez.
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
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