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A college prepatory highschool from grades 9-12. Probably the only private highschool in the bay area that doesn't wear uniforms. Very diverse and fun. Their rivals are Salesian Highschool in Richmond Ca. Saint Marys is located in Berkeley Ca. It has great teachers,academics,and sports.The best private school to attend!!!
person 1: what school do you go to?
person 2: Saint marys college highschool, the best school in the bay area
by chrisbrowns lover April 22, 2011
A dance made famous by the group 3oh3 in their song don't trust me
you act blind and walk around with your hands out
"shush girl, shut your lips do the hellen keller and talk with your hips"(from the song don't trust me by 3oh3)
by chrisbrowns lover April 22, 2011

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