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it's cool
1:How would you grade that shit
by chris ostrom August 03, 2004
dick: evolution of etymology of jank
I janked mi jankin rod wit mi jankin stick cuz i was bored.
by chris ostrom November 03, 2004
the acronym for "thunderous erection" from CD Payne's book Youth in Revolt
Damn, I was thinking about her TP and I got a TE
by chris ostrom May 25, 2004
any knife that is retarded
made by chris coletta and chris ostrom
I janked miself in the janker with mi jankin stick cuz i was bored
by chris ostrom May 30, 2004
anything you goddamn please;stab
Dude, i janked that janker in his jank!
Jankedin the jank, hard 2 believe
by chris ostrom May 30, 2004
massed up shit that was made up by chris ostrom..also used with kafu
<way 2 hard 305>ure a retard
by chris ostrom May 22, 2004
a word said when a thought has come into a person's mind
D bEAUH!!!! It would be cool to do that.
by chris ostrom April 04, 2004

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