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The amazing ability of some women to turn men into pussy-whipped bitches.
Ever since Bob fell victem to Amy's Vagina Mind Trick, he don't wanna hang-out no more.
by Chris Jackson December 12, 2003
An anacronym for "Back Yard Wrestling." Refers to people, usually teenage males, mimicking WWE professional wrestling by pummeling each other, usually with weapons like cookie-sheets, steel folding chairs, thumb tacs, barbed wire, etc. "BYW" specifically refers to a particular ground.
My friends just started a BYW called "DKW" which stands for Dumb Kids Wrestling.
by Chris Jackson December 12, 2003
Another word for "noob" or "n00b" referring to one who is inexperianced or who shouldn't be taken seriously. Most commonly refers to online gamers.
Who invited the noobenstein? Obviously never played UnReal Tournament until today.
by Chris Jackson December 12, 2003
black phrase to describe a brother lost to 'the cause'
bugz is goin home. Those fuckers put 6 parabellum in his chest
by chris jackson September 11, 2004
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