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Completely smashed on alcohol and/or other intoxicants
I was completely muldooned last night
by Chris Hume December 24, 2003
Highly unpleasant
It was totally beadish when I awoke in a pool of my own vomit
by Chris Hume December 24, 2003
See scud. The behaviour of a scud.
That was really scuddy when he kicked his head against the kerbstone like a football.
by chris hume February 02, 2004
Buffoonery. Derived from James Burke AKA 'Herald'
That was so heraldic when he got stoned before a driving lesson and didn't notice when the lights turned green and then back to red with the car remaining stationary throughout.
by Chris Hume December 24, 2003
derived from 'chunder' . Exceedingly ugly person
Jo Brand is a total and utter chundit
by chris hume October 13, 2004
Really couldn't give a damn
'George Bush is coming to London'
by Chris Hume December 24, 2003
A low life. Often violent and dangerous person.
That dude with a spiders web tattooed on his face is a pure scud.
by Chris Hume February 02, 2004
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