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An erection caused by the stroking of real or fake fur. Very common in people with fur fettishes.
Earl: Renise wears her ugly llama jacket all the fucking time. It's so disgusting.
Annie: Oh I know, and it's especially disgusting when she strokes it and gets an erection.
Edna: It's called a furection, silly.

by chris dofer January 07, 2008
The period of time following the middle ages but just before the renaissance. It was a shameful part of history where there was much poverty as well as an outbreak of diseases and hair lice. It has since been erased from most textbooks and it's difficult to research information on it.
Britney: OMG, I have hair lice!
Chris: Stupid hair lice, leave britney alone!
Earl: Omg, did you know that there was a hair lice outbreak before the renaissance?
Annie: Really? Interesting...
Edna: Ya, it took place during the reniseance.
Chris: Earl, Annie, Edna, you guys are stupid, once again…
by chris dofer January 10, 2008
Forests that numerous people want destroyed yet somehow they remain intact. Many people believe that these forests are cursed and most people who enter never come back.
Chris: Seriously, this forest is so creepy.
Renise: It’s so mulchy.
Britney: Whoa… I feel weird…
Chris: Me too. Let’s get out of this Mlodznarnia before we get cursed!
by chris dofer January 10, 2008

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