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Extremely hairy vagina.
"Dear god, Abbey Draut has the most extreme wolverine taco!"
by chris clark February 24, 2005
To Be 'Shaggalishis' is to look like a good shag.
"That girl look shaggalishis"
by Chris Clark March 16, 2005
1. Some one that has sexual intercourse with monkeys.
2. Also used as an insuly.
1. "That man is a monky fucker!"
2. "Piss off you dirty 'monky fucker'!"
by Chris Clark March 16, 2005
To 'bang your wood' is to mastarbate.
1. Used by teenage boys when sharing stories about mastarbating, with out having to use the word 'mastarbate' 'cos they think its funny. (They need to get a fucking life!)
2. Also used by dirty old men when talking to young women.
1. "Guess what i did last night, BANGED MY WOOD!!!!!!!!"
2. "Do you want to bang my wood young lady!?"
by Chris Clark March 16, 2005
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