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Apart from crackers, style or wiggers, this word can also be uttered by disappointed or ungrateful persons. It's a simpler way of saying 'big deal', 'so what?', 'Is that all there is?'.
Deek stared with incredulity at the meal set before him. In the dead centre of a plate, the size of a small coffee table, lay one solitary dod of potato salad.
"Ritz", he rumbled.
by chris wheelie April 30, 2005
Birmingham, circa 1994.
Became a nickname to which I have been cursed, not due to my practising said 'art', but through an innocent mispronounciation of my surname. I'm stuck with it.
Man: (at door of concert): "I've come to see Chris..."
Woman: (on door) "Chris who?"
Man: "Erm... Chris.... Felcher??"
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005
A childish term for a hideous cherub or picture of a sickly-sweet baby or seraph. The sort that puts you off your meal.
"Yuch! I don't want to eat my sanwdwich in the Cistine Chapel, it's too full of Bibbies".
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005
Rubbish, lame, awful, atrocious.
(origin: South West England)
"I've got to quit, my job is complete chod"
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005
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